Chuck Jones PhD 



For those of us internally stirred by the urge to create, we each seek ways to capture what personally moves us.

Despite having invested heavily in developing some facility in the world of words, first as a literature major and later as a clinical psychologist, I’ve long recognized I will never be able to write the novel I want to read.

By contrast, in the world of water media, I’ve discovered how, by approaching my efforts with receptive curiosity, I can create images I want to view and patterns that, somehow, feel meaningful to me.

So, that’s where I’m now devoting my energy, later in life. Doing so makes every morning I awake to walk into the studio a day worth … walking into the studio.


2019 National-Juried Shows:

• 13th Arts & Culture Alliance show at the Emporium in Knoxville, TN
• Loss, Redemption, and Grace exhibit at EBD4 in Atlanta.
• 4th place and Special Merit award: “Primary Colors” Art Exhibition 2019
• Honorable Mention plus two other pieces accepted: Fusion Art: Line, Shapes, and Objects – July 2019

2020 National/International-Juried Exhibitions

• Paint: Medium as Power in a Time of Crisis National Juried Exhibition – Barrett Art Center
• Knoxville Photo 2020 National Exhibition at the Emporium Center: Three photos selected
• Art In the Time of Corona™ - A Global Art Project: DAB ART
• The Black and White Show 2020 – Core New Art Space

• Unleashed – 2020 – Gallery Underground

• TheArtList's July 2020 Artist of the Month Contest - Second